Intervention Programs Based on Microswitch Technology for Persons With Multiple Disabilities: An Overview


This paper provides an overview of microswitch-based programs for persons with multiple disabilities. Three types of programs are included in the overview: programs with only one microswitch to promote specific response engagement in relation to contingent environmental stimulation, programs with one or two microswitches to promote response engagement and choice, and programs with a combination of two microswitches to promote response engagement and reduce problem posture or problem behavior. This paper also provides general considerations about the programs reviewed (i.e., in terms of applicability, potential benefits, and costs) and suggests several issues for new research in the area.


Lancioni, G. E., Singh, N. N., O’Reilly, M. F., Sigafoos, J., & Oliva, D. (2014). Intervention programs based on microswitch technology for persons with multiple disabilities: An overview. Current Developmental Disorders Reports, 1, 67–73.