Implementing the Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines for Social Studies


Implementing the Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines for Social Studies addresses the social studies component of the Texas Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines. These guidelines provide a means to align prekindergarten programs with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum, and are intended to assist educators in making informed decisions about curriculum content and implementing a comprehensive curriculum that prepares children for success in later grades.

Building on Implementing the Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines for Language and Early Literacy, Parts 1 and 2, this guide addresses topics such as history, geography, and economics while considering the individual, culture, and community. The guide features methods for creating an environment that engages children in meaningful, high-interest experiences; integrating learning across the curriculum; supporting learning through scaffolding; and monitoring children’s progress.

A comprehensive professional development package, this guide contains detailed speaker notes, presentation slides as color transparencies, reprinted materials, original handouts, copies of presentation slides for participants with space for taking notes, and suggested activities designed to support the application of the Texas Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines for Social Studies in classroom practice.

Designed to enhance presentation of the content, the speaker notes contain snapshots of presentation slides accompanied by detailed information and suggested strategies. Information that appears verbatim on the slide is bulleted and bolded in the speaker notes. When a slide describes a session activity, the required activity materials are listed at the bottom of the corresponding speaker note page. This information is also provided in table format in the introductory section.

Given the extensive content of the guide, and that time available for the professional development session varies, presentations may be adapted.