House Bill 3 Texas Reading Academies Authorized Provider


MCPER is pleased to serve as an authorized provider of the House Bill 3 Texas Reading Academies. Mandated by the 86th Texas Legislature, K–3 teachers must attend the professional development academies before the 2022–2023 school year. MCPER is committed to the sustainability of the academies; therefore, MCPER will offer the academies through the comprehensive (face-to-face) and blended (online) models. As an authorized provider, MCPER will partner with local education agencies across the state to conduct registration, logistics, technical assistance, implementation of the professional development, and program evaluation.


Educators will apply knowledge of the science of teaching reading across teaching contexts to improve reading outcomes for all learners.

Project Design


To increase teacher knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices to improve student literacy achievement


K–3 teachers and administrators


The Texas Education Agency has provided the following documents with information about the program:

The Texas Education Agency also has launched the “Reading Practices” newsletter, which has more information about the academies. For more information, and to subscribe, visit the first installment of the Reading Practices newsletter.

Interested in Participating?

Thank you for your interest in working with MCPER. Our team can support your needs. We offer staffing and supervision of cohort leaders, along with technical assistance and logistical services to those selecting local implementation. Year 3 courses can launch during the following months: June, July, August, September, and January 2023 only. Please note that MCPER will not launch courses in all months. For more information, email the MCPER HB 3 Academies project.

Year 3 Information

For information on requests to participate in the coming year, please see our Year 3 flyer.

For information on Year 3 changes and implications for MCPER, please see our Year 3 changes flyer.