August 5, 2016

The Write for Texas project, entering its third year, has extended its reach to more than 200 schools in 100 districts across the state.

Since its beginnings in late 2013, Write for Texas has made significant strides in improving academic writing instruction in the secondary grades. An alternative to formulaic writing instruction, the project offers a series of online professional development resources aimed at integrating reading and writing activities across all content areas.

Additionally, the project supports schools and districts across the state with a cadre of more than 100 professional writing coaches. Participants tout this collaborative network as one of the greatest strengths of the project, providing opportunities for individual teachers to align their instruction with research-based practices and streamline their approach to teaching writing.

The 27 project sites, including all 20 regional education service centers and seven university-based national writing projects, will continue effecting change at the local level. Additionally, regional Summer Institutes are expected to continue in 2017, where coaches design and deliver professional development specific to the needs of educators in their respective service areas.

For more information, visit the Write for Texas external website.

Write for Texas