Why Intensive Interventions Are Necessary for Adolescents With Dyslexia: Findings From 3-Year Intervention and Future Research


Unraveling Reading Comprehension: Behavioral, Neurobiological, and Genetic Components, the book in which this chapter appears, compiles research on improving students’ reading comprehension, helping them to become confident readers. The book explores research about the behavioral, neurobiological, and genetic components of reading comprehension, including findings from more than 40 researchers from multiple disciplines.


Vaughn, S., & Solis, M. (2013). Why intensive interventions are necessary for adolescents with dyslexia: Findings from 3-year intervention and future research. In B. Miller, L. Cutting, & P. McCardle (Eds.), Unraveling reading comprehension: Behavioral, neurobiological, and genetic components. Baltimore, MD: Brookes.