Reading Comprehension for Adolescents With Significant Reading Problems


Handbook of Learning Disabilities, the book in which this chapter appears, presents knowledge about the nature and classification of learning disabilities, their causes, and how individuals with these difficulties can be identified and helped to succeed. Best practices are described for supporting student performance in language arts, math, and other content areas. Contributors also identify general principles of effective instruction and review issues in service delivery within response to intervention frameworks. The book critically examines the concepts and methods that guide learning disability research and highlights important directions for future investigation.


Vaughn, S., Swanson, E. A., & Solis, M. (2013). Reading comprehension for adolescents with significant reading problems. In H. L. Swanson, K. R. Harris, & S. Graham (Eds.), Handbook of learning disabilities (2nd ed.; pp. 375–387). New York, NY: Guilford Press.