People With Multiple Disabilities Use Basic Reminding Technology to Engage in Daily Activities at the Appropriate Times


The authors assessed whether three adults with multiple disabilities could use simple reminding technology to carry out daily activities at the appropriate times. The technology consisted of a Galaxy S-3 mini smartphone (by Samsung) with the application of (a) the talking alarm program for providing verbal instructions about the single activities scheduled (for two participants) or (b) the photo alarm program for providing vibration alerting combined with pictorial instructions about the activities (for the third participant). For each participant, the study involved an ABAB sequence, in which A represented baseline phases (without technology) and B intervention phases (with technology). All three participants were successful in using the technology to independently perform the activities scheduled (i.e., between 7 and 10 per day) at the appropriate times. The practical implications of the findings and the importance of technology resources in programs for people with multiple disabilities are discussed.


Lancioni, G. E., Singh, N. N., O’Reilly, M. F., Sigafoos, J., Boccasini, A., Alberti, G., & Lang, R. (2014). People with multiple disabilities use basic reminding technology to engage in daily activities at the appropriate times. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 26, 347–355.