Parents’ Perspectives on Transition and Postsecondary Outcomes for Their Children Who Are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Parental involvement and parental expectations are important factors in successful academic and career outcomes for students who are deaf and hard of hearing (SDHH). This article describes the results of a national needs assessment survey conducted by pepnet2 in the spring of 2012. Study participants were parents of SDHH or SDHH with additional disabilities (SDHH+) who were asked to provide their perceptions of the transition planning process. Participants were also asked to report on their expectations of postsecondary education and employment for their children who are DHH. The analysis resulted in several findings related to level of satisfaction with transition planning and parent expectations of transition outcomes for their DHH children. Parents of SDHH+ and parents who identified as DHH themselves were more satisfied with the transition planning process than other parents. Parents were optimistic about their children’s future, with most parents expecting their child would complete a bachelors degree or higher. This article has implications for transition planning practices and provides direction for research on issues related to transition. Specifically, future research efforts should focus on the relationship between parents’ experience with transition and their expectations for future success for their DHH and DHH+ children


Cawthon, S. W., & Caemmerer, J. M. (2014). Parents’ perspectives on transition and postsecondary outcomes for their children who are d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing. American Annals of the Deaf, 159(1), 7–21.