A Framework for Remediating Number Combination Deficits


This article introduces a two-stage framework for the remediation of number combination deficits. The authors summarize the research and use research program studies to illustrate three approaches to remediation. The framework’s less intensive stage, implementing one of three intervention approaches hypothesized to be most productive, uses a validated protocol while monitoring student response. The more intensive stage, which is reserved for nonresponders, involves integrating the three intervention approaches within a skill-based diagnostic-prescriptive scheme for individualizing intervention.


Fuchs, L. S., Powell, S. R., Seethaler, P. M., Fuchs, D., Hamlett, C. L., Cirino, P. T., & Fletcher, J. M. (2009). A framework for remediating number combination deficits. Exceptional Children, 76(2), 135–156.