Mathematics and Science Institute for Students With Special Needs

MSTAR Interventions


These materials were developed with funds from the Meadows Foundation and the support and talent of many individuals whose names do not appear here, but whose hard work and ideas are represented throughout.
The University of Texas at Austin
College of Education
Manuel J. Justiz, Dean

Institute for Public School Initiatives
Darv Winick, Executive Director
Paula Steffen Moeller, Principal Investigator
The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk
Sharon Vaughn, Executive Director
Diane Pedrotty Bryant, Principal Investigator
Texas Education Agency
Robert Scott, Commissioner of Education
Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds, Deputy Commissioner
Norma Torres-Martinez, Director, Standards and Alignment
Everly Broadway, Director of Mathematics
Content Development Team
The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk
Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties
Diane P. Bryant, Institute Director and Principal Investigator
Laura Carlin-Gonzalez, Author
Mary Alice Hatchett, Author
Katherine McIntosh, Author
Bridge Mellenchamp, Author
Jennifer Ross, Project Coordinator
Mary Janalee Sarli, Author
Nancy Trapp, Author
Content Reviewers
Laura Carlin-Gonzalez
David Chard
Russell Gersten
Asha Jitendra
Paula Steffen Moeller
Richard Schaar
John Woodward
Vocabulary Activities: Development and Contributions
Shelley Bolen-Abbott
Sherry Olivares
Belinda Rendon
Graphic Designers
Elana Wakeman, Manager of Production Services
Karen S. Chan, Lead Designer
Emma Skogstad
Matthew Slater
The following Algebra Readiness grantees have contributed to the development and standardization process:
Alpha Academy (Patricia Graves); Bassett Middle School (Richard Chavez); Burnet Middle School (Andrew Carroll, Stephanie Cooper); Claude Cunningham Middle School (Manuel Castillo, Melecio Salinas); Forest Oak Middle School (Deandrea Bivens, Elsa Flores, Kennesha Gaines, Jeremy Hanks, Marcia Ivey, Anthony Jefferson, Luz Padilla, Mary Pickett, Rosemarie Tatum, Gary White); Hernando Middle School (Sonia Arostegui, Priscilla Reyes, Ruth Taylor, Daniel Vasquez); Jubilee Academy (Crystal Ramon, Rosalva Sanders); LaVega Middle School, John Dixon Campus (John Choins, Samantha Messer, Demetrice Mitchell, Maranda Mize, Torri Ridgell)