Write for Texas: Success Stories From a Literacy Initiative


The Write for Texas initiative began in 2013 at the behest of Michael Williams, the Texas Commissioner of Education at the time, and the senior leadership of the Texas Education Agency. The goal of the initiative is to provide direct support to classroom teachers, often in small, struggling school districts, to improve the writing skills of secondary students across Texas. The initiative has two main professional development components: (1) face-to-face workshops and classroom coaching and (2) online resources freely accessible to any teacher in Texas.

This report showcases successful aspects of Write for Texas work at each site, helping to illustrate the breadth and depth of work happening locally and statewide. It is meant not only to document and recognize the work of these Write for Texas sites, but also to inform and inspire other educators to adopt similar practices.


The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk. (2017). Write for Texas: Success stories from a literacy initiative. Austin, TX: Author.