Tiered Interventions Using Evidence-Based Research (TIER), funded by the Texas Education Agency, focuses on developing and disseminating information about best practices with multitiered systems of support.


The goal is to improve the academic and behavioral interventions provided to students in Texas by ensuring that all educators understand and implement evidence-based research strategies within multitiered systems of support.

Project Design


TIER will develop a set of modules related to multitiered systems of support in academics and behavior. Education service centers and local education agencies may deliver these modules to improve the outcomes of students with or at risk for disability. TIER also will create on-demand versions of each module so educators across Texas can access the materials independently at their convenience.


During the fall of 2019, the TIER team will work with Texas stakeholders to develop a set of nine modules about multitiered systems of support in academics and behavior. The team will create two versions of the modules: a set designed to be delivered face-to-face with educators and a set designed to be video recorded and watched online. In the winter of 2020, the TIER team will present the modules to Texas education service center and local education agency representatives. In the spring of 2020, the team will conduct a series of webinars and other outreach activities to ensure that Texas educators begin accessing the modules.


Educators across Texas

Contact Information

Sarah Powell
Principal Investigator

Principal Investigators

  • Sarah Powell

Additional Investigators

  • Sharon Vaughn
  • Jennifer B. Schnakenberg

Funding Agency


  • July 2019 through June 2020