Tiered Interventions Using Evidence-Based Research (TIER)


The Tiered Interventions Using Evidence-Based Research (TIER) initiative is a project funded by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). This initiative was created to develop a comprehensive and coherent series of trainings and resources for evidence-based intervention practices across the state. The goal is to increase local education agency (LEA) capacity to develop and implement an effective, integrated, comprehensive framework for intervention that both is grounded in differentiated instruction and aligns the systems that are fundamental for all students’ academic, behavioral, and social achievement.

Project Design

  • TIER has collaborated with experts across the nation to develop a series of trainings to build educator capacity with multitiered systems of support (MTSS).
  • The participants of the TIER project include education service centers (ESCs) and LEAs who receive support and training-of-trainers content on the essential components of the MTSS framework.

Major Activities

  • Develop and disseminate content related to MTSS 
  • Implement training-of-trainers for ESC and LEA staff to become certified trainers of TIER content 
  • Develop Canvas courses on MTSS 
  • Provide professional development and coaching to cohort districts and campuses
  • Monitor and improve the Texas Behavior Support Initiative course
  • Provide consultative support to ESC network members