Tier II Mathematics Intervention to Support Learning of Students in Special Education: Grades 3 and 4 Lesson Scaffolds


This project uses lessons and progress-monitoring tools from the Tier II Supplemental Mathematics Intervention: Grades 3 and 4 project. Special educators implement the lessons and determine scaffolds and appropriate accommodations for special education students in grades 3 and 4 who have individualized education program goals in mathematics. This modified-design experiment allows educators to collaborate with the research staff in identifying the types of scaffolds to maintain mathematical precision and rigor.


Research is ongoing.

Project Design


Educator observations are an integral component of lesson development and revision to include mathematically precise scaffolds. Research staff members observe educators across each module and then meet with the educators to document the instruction, type of scaffolds, and the condition or antecedent behavior that warranted additional scaffolds. Educators also participate in focus groups to identify the needs of this student population and the components needed in a mathematical intervention to remediate weaknesses in learning. In addition to observations, research staff members collect data from progress-monitoring measures, daily work samples, and social-validity questionnaires that the educators and students complete after each module.


10 special educators and their students in grades 3 and 4 with individualized education program goals in mathematics