Scalability, Capacity, and Learning Engagement (SCALE) for Fraction Face-Off


Project SCALE will examine the effectiveness of Fraction Face-Off (FFO), a math intervention with moderate evidence (as determined by the What Works Clearinghouse). 


In addition to replicating the prior study with fourth-graders, this project will investigate the differences between in-person and virtual training for interventionists and the efficacy of FFO as a Tier 2 intervention with fifth- to eighth-grade students experiencing mathematics difficulties.


FFO is designed as a Tier 2 intervention for students in grade 4 to be implemented in small groups over 36 30-minute sessions. We conduct randomized controlled trials with diverse student populations and settings to determine the extent to which FFO improves fraction knowledge and if improved math outcomes of students experiencing mathematics difficulty can be replicated.


Fourth- and fifth-grade students


Project SCALE one-page flyer