Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Diane Pedrotty Bryant has served as the principal investigator on an early numeracy, response to intervention (RTI) grant, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences; the 3-Tier Mathematics Elementary and Secondary Intervention Project, funded by the Texas Education Agency; and the MSTAR intervention program, funded by the Meadows Foundation. Bryant was chosen to participate in the National Science Foundation-funded “Beginning Substantive Collaboration Between Mathematics Education and Special Education Symposium: Teaching Mathematics to Students Within the RTI Process.” She is the author or co-author of books, tests, and research articles on educational interventions for improving the mathematics and reading performance of students with learning disabilities and on the use of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. Her research articles represent 20 years of working collaboratively with school districts and teachers on interventions for students with learning disabilities and students who are at risk for educational difficulties.

Research Projects and Grants

  • Algebra-Readiness Mathematics Intervention for Middle School Students: Project AIM*
  • The Validation of Early Mathematics Interventions*
  • 3-Tier Mathematics Model*
  • Current reading and mathematics practices by special education teachers for grades 3–5
  • Investigation of neuroimaging of students with mathematics disabilities

*MCPER projects

Boards, Committees, and Associations

  • Co-chair, Council for Learning Disabilities Conference Committee
  • Council for Exceptional Children:Member, Division for Learning Disabilities
  • Member, Division for Research
  • Member, Teacher Education Division
  • Co-editor-in-chief, Learning Disability Quarterly
  • Consulting editor, Journal of Learning DisabilitiesExceptional ChildrenLearning Disabilities Research & PracticeRemedial and Special EducationTeacher Education in Special Education

Recent Awards

  • University of New Mexico Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Warren Weinberg Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Learning Disabilities, awarded by the Learning Disabilities Association of Texas

Representative Publications

  • Bryant, D. P., & Bryant, B. R. (2012). Using RtI in the mathematics classroom. In J. Bakken (Ed.), Response to intervention in the core content areas: A practical approach for educators (pp. 187–212). Austin, TX: Prufrock Press.
  • Bryant, D. P., Bryant, B. R., Roberts, G., & Fall, A.-M. (in press). The effects of an early numeracy intervention on the mathematics performance of primary grade English learners with mathematics difficulties. Reading & Writing Quarterly. Invited paper for a special series: Overcoming learning difficulties: Language issues in the learning and teaching of mathematics.
  • Bryant, D. P., Bryant, B. R., Roberts, G., Vaughn, S., Hughes, K., Porterfield, J., & Gersten, R. (2011). Effects of an early numeracy intervention on the performance of first-grade students with mathematics difficulties. Exceptional Children, 78(1), 7–23.
  • Bryant, D. P., Bryant, B. R., Williams, J., Kim, S., & Shin, M. (2013). Instructional practices for improving student outcomes in solving arithmetic combinations. In D. Chard, B. Cook, & M. Tankersley (Eds.), Research-based strategies for improving outcomes in academics (pp. 58–69). Boston, MA: Pearson.
  • Bryant, D. P., Smith, D. D., & Bryant, B. R. (2008). Teaching students with special needs in inclusive classrooms (1st ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.