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May 20, 2015

The Building Response to Intervention Capacity for Texas Schools project has released a new a "how-to" module for its Campus Response to Intervention Progress Monitoring Tool (RTI-PMT), a free app for electronic tablets and computers.

The RTI-PMT provides real-time data on how an elementary campus’ RTI model is working during an academic year. It promotes collaboration among grade-level teams in identifying entry and exit criteria for each intervention setting (or tier) and proactive decision-making related to resources and professional development support. The tool is simple to use: After each screening assessment, educators enter the names of their at-risk students and assign an intervention setting. The app organizes and displays data at the teacher, grade, and campus levels in pie charts or bar charts. When data are updated at the beginning, middle, and end of year, the displays show progress in meeting students’ needs, as students move to less intensive settings or exit intervention. The tool also can be used to share campus success with stakeholders.

For more information and to access both the module and the app, visit the Building RTI Capacity website.

Tags: Response to Intervention Institute  Building Capacity for Response to Intervention Implementation Project