Thoughts on Rethinking Response to Intervention With Secondary Students


The authors appreciate the opportunity provided by the editor to respond to the commentary on their article (Fuchs, Fuchs, & Compton, 2010). They also appreciate the editorial team of “School Psychology Review” for selecting their article as a Featured Article within the journal (Vaughn, Cirino et al., 2010). They interpret this as an indication of the interest in response to intervention (RTI) broadly and particularly as it relates to understanding reading interventions for secondary students within an RTI framework. In this commentary, the authors do not provide a rebuttal to the comments made by Fuchs et al. (2010) because they agree fundamentally with their commentary. However, the authors want to clarify some of the essential issues related to RTI with secondary students and their understanding resulting from several years of conducting assessments and experimental studies within an RTI framework in middle schools (Denton et al., in press; Vaughn et al., 2008; Vaughn, Cirino et al., 2010, Vaughn et al., 2009).


Vaughn, S., & Fletcher, J. M. (2010). Thoughts on rethinking response to intervention with secondary students. School Psychology Review, 39(2), 296–299.