Stategies for Improving Students’ Reading Fluency


Research-Based Strategies for Improving Outcomes in Academics, the book in which this chapter appears, is a collection of techniques shown to work for students with disabilities. The book aims to help practitioners, teacher educators, and policymakers combat the gap between research and practice. The chapters offer a consistent format that includes definition of strategy, theoretical underpinnings, description, fidelity checklist, and research-based summaries. Sections cover a range of academic areas, such as language development, literacy, mathematics, and written expression.


Harn, B., & Chard, D. J. (2013). Stategies for improving students’ reading fluency. In B. G. Cook & M. Tankersley (Eds.), Research-based strategies for improving outcomes in academics (pp. 21–29). New York, NY: Pearson.