Social Work Doctoral Education: Are Doctoral Students Being Prepared to Teach?


A content analysis of social work doctoral programs examined whether and to what extent doctoral programs prepare their students for teaching. Of the 72 Ph.D. programs reviewed, 90% included a goal related to preparing their students for teaching; however, only 51% required a course on teaching. The teaching courses that were required varied greatly in terms of content and teaching and assessment methods used. Training the next generation of social work practitioners to engage in effective social work practice is critical to the profession; however, findings suggest that the preparation of doctoral students to provide quality education to future social work practitioners seems to be largely neglected.


Maynard, B. R., Lind, K., Berglund, A. H., Albright, D., & Labuzienski, L. (2017). Social work doctoral education: Are doctoral students being prepared to teach? Journal of Social Work, 17(1), 91–114.