Reading Comprehension Treatment Development for High School Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Stakeholder Considerations for Feasibility


Six focus groups across two states were conducted to explore the potential benefits, possible challenges, and further considerations of two proposed academic interventions under development. These interventions target the reading comprehension of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. The purpose was to examine the reading comprehension treatments from the perspective of multiple stakeholders from whom buy-in is needed if treatments are to be used with confidence and fidelity. Three major themes with supporting subthemes are reported. A rationale for gathering and using stakeholder feedback is provided to drive research design and implementation, along with recommendations for future research endeavors.


Reutebuch, C. K., Roberts, G. J., Thompson, J. L., El Zein, F., Mize, M., Weinberg, A. N., . . . Rodriguez, K. T. (2019). Reading comprehension treatment development for high school students with autism spectrum disorder: Stakeholder considerations for feasibility. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 57, 105–119.