Piloting a Math Writing Intervention With Late Elementary Students At Risk for Learning Difficulties


High‐stakes mathematics assessments require students to write about mathematics, although research suggests that students exhibit limited proficiency on such assessments. Students with learning difficulties may struggle with writing, mathematics, or both. Researchers employed an intervention for teaching students how to organize mathematics writing. Researchers randomly assigned participants (n = 61) in grades 3–5 to receive instruction in mathematics writing or information writing. Students receiving mathematics writing outperformed control students on a researcher‐developed measure of mathematics writing (d = 1.05). Component assessment revealed that mathematics writing students improved in writing organization (d = 1.49) but not in mathematics content (d = 0.11 ns). Results also indicated that mathematics writing students outperformed control on percentage of correct mathematics writing sequences (d = 0.82). Future directions for mathematics writing intervention development are discussed.


Hebert, M. A., Powell, S. R., Bohaty, J. J., & Roehling, J. (2019). Piloting a mathematics writing intervention with late elementary students at risk for learning difficulties. Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, 34, 144–157. doi:10.1111/ldrp.12202