Intensive Intervention in Mathematics


This article won the Kirk Award for the best practice article in Learning Disabilities Research & Practice of 2015.

Students who demonstrate persistent mathematics difficulties and whose performance is severely below grade level require intensive intervention. Intensive intervention is an individualized approach to instruction that is more demanding and concentrated than Tier 2 intervention efforts. The authors present the elements of intensive intervention that teachers should consider when planning for, implementing, and monitoring intensive intervention in mathematics. Each of these elements is based on evidence from validated interventions. The authors also highlight strategies for intensifying instruction. The authors provide two examples of intensive intervention, one of which launches from a Tier 2 intervention platform and the other completely generated by a teacher. The authors conclude with considerations for intensive intervention in mathematics.


Powell, S. R., & Fuchs, L. S. (2015). Intensive intervention in mathematics. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 30(4), 182–192.