Effects of Professional Development on Improving At-Risk Students’ Performance in Reading


Showcasing evidence-based models for schoolwide prevention of reading and behavior problems, this book is highly informative and grounded in research. Chapters first identify the core features of effective three-tier prevention models and explain their role within a response-to-intervention framework. In-depth case studies then illustrate the experience of implementing distinct models (targeting reading problems, behavior problems, or both) in actual schools across the country. The cases yield vital insights into the process of choosing the right prevention model for a particular school; coordinating faculty teams and building their skills; and making data-based decisions to improve student outcomes.


Vaughn, S., Linan-Thompson, S., Woodruff, A., Murray, C., Wanzek, J., Scammacca, N., . . . Elbaum, B. (2008). Effects of professional development on improving at-risk students’ performance in reading. In C. Greenwood, T. Kratochwill, & M. Clements (Eds.), School-wide prevention models: Lessons learned in elementary schools (pp. 115–142). New York, NY: Guilford Press.