Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Skin-Picking in Individuals With Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic Review


Skin-picking is a type of self-injurious behavior involving the pulling, scratching, lancing, digging, or gouging of one’s own body. It is associated with social impairment, and increased medical and mental health concerns. While there are several reports showing that skin-picking is common in individuals with developmental disabilities, knowledge about effective treatment approaches is sparse.


Lang, R. B., Didden, R., Machalicek, W., Rispoli, M. J., Sigafoos, J., Lancioni, G., . . . Kang, S. (2010). Behavioral treatment of chronic skin-picking in individuals with developmental disabilities: A systematic review. Research in Developmental Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 31(2), 304–315.