Applying a Cohesive Set of Comprehension Strategies to Content-Area Instruction


Upper-elementary content-area teachers often face the challenge of how to make content-area text more accessible for their students. A range of comprehension strategies can be applied to informational text, but the premium on instructional time leaves teachers in search of a cohesive, efficient, and effective set of comprehension strategies that can be applied to existing textbook materials. This article describes a set of reading comprehension strategies designed for informational texts in social studies textbooks. A description of each strategy is followed by a timeline for introduction and techniques for increasing task difficulty over time.


Swanson, E., Edmonds, M. S., Hairrell, A., Vaughn, S., & Simmons, D. C. (2011). Applying a cohesive set of comprehension strategies to content-area instruction. Intervention in School and Clinic, 46(5), 266–272.