The Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA) prepare middle school teachers to design appropriate instruction for all students, including those who struggle with reading due to limited English proficiency, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and other risk factors for reading difficulties. Included are a set of training modules on cross-curricular vocabulary, comprehension strategies, and academic writing; a diagnostic and progress-monitoring instrument; and guidance for intensive interventions targeting the needs of struggling adolescent readers.

TALA consists of three separate academies—the English Language Arts Academy (for English language arts/reading teachers), the Content Area Academy (for mathematics, science, and social studies teachers), and the Professional Development to Support Academic Writing Academy (for English language arts/reading teachers).

Dissemination Model

VGC created the content for TALA. The Texas Education Agency and the regional education service centers organize training sessions for teachers across the state.

Research Information


Texas teachers for grades 6, 7, and 8 participate. English language arts/reading teachers for grades 5 and 9 may also be invited to the Professional Development to Support Academic Writing Academy.


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Ellie Hanlon
Principal Investigator

Principal Investigators

  • Ellie Hanlon
  • Greg Roberts
  • Sharon Vaughn

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