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The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk at The University of Texas at Austin was recently awarded $3.5 million by the Institute of Education Sciences to investigate practices to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing instruction in fourth-grade classrooms by using informational texts. With this funding, we are able to provide professional development and ongoing technical assistance to school districts at no cost.

Strategies for Reading Information and Vocabulary Effectively (STRIVE) is a set of Tier I instructional practices designed to meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing while using social studies expository text. The 18-week lesson sequence is research-based and has been tested for efficacy in multiple experimental studies with more than 50 teachers and 900 students. Teachers will be supported in the implementation of the curriculum through ongoing professional development and coaching.

Who can participate?

Fourth-grade social studies teachers and their students

What will participating schools receive?

  • 1-day professional development
  • Three school-site meetings
  • Ongoing coaching as requested
  • All project materials at no cost
  • $500 stipend for teachers to cover time dedicated to project
  • $250 stipend to school coordinator to cover time dedicated to project
  • Summative reports of student progress

What commitment is required?

  • Teachers will participate in a 1-day professional development workshop and three school site meetings a year. Meals will be provided.
  • Teachers are expected to implement the intervention to the best of their ability.
  • Schools are responsible for their own travel to and from the 1-day professional development event. If the school is more than 150 miles from UT Austin, UT will provide a 1-night hotel stay on the night prior to the professional development session.

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