The Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and Methodological Skill Development project began thanks to funding from the Institute of Education Sciences. Throughout the project, the faculty members involved will work to produce fellows in special education, educational psychology, and other disciplines who have the level of expertise and proven record of productivity to be hired and succeed in top-tier departments and other research environments. The program will cover education sciences research related to improving academic outcomes for individuals with disabilities with a focus on multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS).

The training program will be tailored to the individual strengths and needs of the fellows, and will provide knowledge, resources, and training experiences to produce professionals with a comprehensive skillset in methodology and statistics; a deep understanding of the theoretical, practical, and policy issues related to special education research; and practical experience with conducting large-scale evaluations of educational practice.



Sharon Vaughn, Nathan Clemens, Greg RobertsChris DoablerSarah Powell, and Elizabeth Swanson


Tasia Brafford and Erin Hogan

Project Design


The aim of this 5-year grant is to prepare a cohort of highly qualified fellows to conduct research in special education, educational psychology, and other disciplines; understand how to interpret the findings and implications of this research; and prepare educators in how to intensify academic and behavioral interventions. The program will cover education sciences research related to academic outcomes for individuals with disabilities, methodology and statistics, and the policies and pragmatics of research in educational settings.


The project will support four postdoctoral fellows for two years each. Tasia Brafford and Erin Hogan join us as Cohort 1 from August 2021 to July 2023.


MCPER seeks postdoctoral scholar for new research opportunity

Principal Investigators

  • Sharon Vaughn
  • Nathan Clemens
  • Greg Roberts

Funding Agency


  • The 5-year project began in August 2020. The first cohort of postdoctoral fellows will begin in August 2021. A second cohort will begin in August 2023.