November 6, 2019

MCPER Executive Director Sharon Vaughn will lead the expert panel developing a new installment of the popular and influential Institute of Education Sciences What Works Clearinghouse practice guide series.

Vaughn and other nationally renowned experts will pool their knowledge to create a new guide on evidence-based practices for assisting struggling readers in grades 4–9. The panel will include practice, content, and methodological experts who evaluate research and develop specific recommendations. According to the Institute of Education Sciences, the practice guides present "practical, evidence-based recommendations to teachers and administrators about how to address current challenges in education ... For each recommendation, information is provided about how to carry out the recommendation, possible implementation roadblocks, and the strength of the research evidence that supports the recommendation."

The current initiative to revise existing practice guides and develop new guides is led by Principal Investigator Russell Gersten and Project Director Madhavi Jayanthi of Instructional Research Group.

For more information and to download existing practice guides, visit the What Works Clearinghouse website.