December 14, 2021

MCPER Senior Associate Director Greg Roberts has guest edited a special section in a recently published edition of Exceptional Children, a top research journal in the field.

The special section—devoted to adaptive intervention (AI) and sequential multiassignment randomized trials (SMART) designs—appeared in the October 2021 issue of the journal. In addition to editing the section, Roberts was the lead author in an article that provided an overview of AI and SMART, described Project BASIC (MCPER's own AI/SMART project), and introduced the two other research articles in the section. MCPER's Nathan Clemens, Christian Doabler, and Executive Director Sharon Vaughn are among the article's co-authors. The other articles in the special section are "Getting SMART About Social Skills Interventions for Students With ASD in Inclusive Classrooms" and "Early Lessons Learned in Designing an Adaptive Shared Reading Intervention for Preschoolers With Autism."

The impact factor for Exceptional Children is in the top 10 among developmental and educational psychology journals and in the top 20 of all education-focused journals. It is number 3 among journals that address special populations.