April 7, 2015

Several recent features demonstrate the work—and success—of faculty members and students affiliated with the MCPER Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute as they support children with autism and their families, translating research into effective practices that have a direct positive impact on this population.

"Game Changers: Autism and Developmental Disabilities," produced by the Longhorn Network, features the innovative work of Institute Fellows Greg Allen, Terry Falcomata, and Amanda Little. In addition to insights from the researchers, the video features baseline and postintervention footage of a child with autism and his mother.

"A Symbiotic Partnership"—a feature in .edu, the online magazine of the UT Austin College of Education—chronicles the success of the partnership between members of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute and Austin Travis County Integral Care. A narrated video documents the journey of a participant in the study, his mother, and the researchers who work with him. The accompanying article features input from Institute Director Mark O'Reilly and doctoral students including MCPER's Cindy Gevarter and Laura Rojeski who receive in-the-field training while providing a vital service for children and families and supporting Austin Travis County Integral Care.

"The Cerebellum Question," an article in .edu, examines Allen's use of magnetic resonance imaging to study the cerebellum's potential role in autism.

"Changing Challenging Behavior: Q&A With Terry Falcomata," another feature in .edu, profiles Falcomata's work in assessing and treating challenging behaviors of children with autism. The article also describes the partnership between Falcomata and his colleagues and the Bluebonnet Trails Autism Program to provide both clinical work with families and research activities. 

For more information, visit the Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute on the MCPER website.

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