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News from August 2017

MCPER’s Brandy Maynard, Veronica Miller receive Leonard E. Gibbs Award for review on mindfulness
August 16, 2017

MCPER's Brandy Maynard, a fellow in Dropout Prevention Institute, and Veronica Miller, a researcher with the Middle School Matters Institute, received the Leonard E. Gibbs Award for a recent review on mindfulness along with coauthors Michael R. Solis and Kristen E. Brendel.

In the review, Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Improving Cognition, Academic Achievement, Behavior and Socioemotional Functioning of Primary and Secondary Students, the authors found that mindfulness-based interventions have a statistically significant positive effect on cognitive and socioemotional processes for students, but that they do not improve behavior or academic performance.  

Read more about it on the Campbell Collaboration website.

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News from May 2014

MCPER’s Brandy Maynard elected to co-chair Campbell Collaboration Social Welfare Coordinating Group
May 2, 2014

Brandy R. Maynard, a MCPER Dropout Prevention Institute fellow and an assistant professor in the Saint Louis University School of Social Work, has been elected to a 3-year term as co-chair of the Campbell Collaboration (C2) Social Welfare Coordinating Group.

C2 is a voluntary, nonprofit international research network that prepares, maintains, and disseminates systematic reviews of the effects of interventions in education, crime and justice, social welfare, and international development, so that policymakers, practitioners, and service recipients are better equipped to make informed decisions. The Social Welfare Coordinating Group, one of four C2 coordinating groups, is responsible for the production, scientific merit, and relevance of systematic reviews related to social welfare, health, and social justice.

As co-chair, Maynard will be responsible for leading the Social Welfare Coordinating Group's internal governance; setting policy, plans, and priorities; ensuring the quality of reviews; approving titles, protocols, and reviews after recommendations from the editor; and serving as a representative in the C2 Steering Group. Her term will begin in November 2014. 

Maynard has been involved with C2 since 2008; she has authored two C2 reviews and is a co-author on two reviews that are in progress. She currently serves on the editorial board of the Education Coordinating Group. 

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News from June 2013

MCPER fellow Andrea Flower wins prestigious Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award
June 27, 2013

MCPER congratulates Andrea Flower, a fellow with the Dropout Prevention Institute and assistant professor in the Department of Special Education, for winning a 2013 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award.

The highest honor of The University of Texas System, the award recognizes "faculty members at the nine academic and six health University of Texas System institutions who have demonstrated extraordinary classroom performance and innovation in undergraduate instruction," according to the UT System website. Students, other faculty members, and external reviewers evaluate nominees for the award. Among other areas, the review panels considers candidates' "classroom expertise, curricula quality, innovative course development, and student learning outcomes," according to UT System. Winners also receive a $25,000 award.

Flower completed her doctorate at the University of Washington in Seattle. Prior to that, she taught for several years in Southern California in multiple special education settings across the K–12 continuum. Her current research and teaching focus is on academic and social/behavioral instruction and interventions for students with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders. More specifically, she is interested in the intersection of academic intervention and secondary- and tertiary-level positive behavior support interventions that promote improved outcomes for these students.

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News from April 2013

MCPER’s Jacob Williams completes doctoral degree
April 19, 2013

Congratulations to Jacob Williams for becoming MCPER's newest doctor. Dr. Williams, a member of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and Texas Literacy Initiative projects, successfully defended his dissertation, Administrator Perception of Threat From Students With Disabilities and Disciplinary Decisions. Williams earned the degree through the Special Education Administration Program in the Department of Educational Administration.

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Three MCPER staff members to receive UT Staff Service Awards
April 1, 2013

Christy Murray, a director of MCPER's Middle School Matters Institute; Greg Roberts, executive director of the Vaughn Gross Center and associate director of MCPER; and Debbie Van Loan of MCPER's Administrative Team will each receive a UT Staff Service Award in recognition of their many years of excellent work at The University of Texas at Austin. Murray will be recognized for 10 years of service, and Roberts and Van Loan will be recognized for 15 years of service. The Staff Service Awards Program "celebrates and recognizes the contributions of committed staff who are responsible for transforming lives for the benefit of society," according to the UT website. Both the centers and the university thank Murray, Roberts, and Van Loan for their valuable contributions to our success.

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News from February 2013

Dropout Prevention Institute researchers to present at 25th annual At-Risk Youth National Forum
February 5, 2013

Jennifer Wick Schnakenberg and Meghan Coleman of MCPER's Dropout Prevention Institute will present two sessions at the 25th annual At-Risk Youth National Forum on February 19 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Coleman will be lead presenter of the session "Investing in Education for At-Risk Students: The Implementation of a Dropout Prevention Intervention," and Schnakenberg will lead the session "Responsive Reading Instruction in Secondary Interventions." The theme of this year's forum, sponsored by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network, is “Investing for a Lifetime: Education Is Economic Development." The event is designed to share the work of "innovative, skilled presenters who have excellent ideas, proven programs, and evidence-based research," according to the forum website.

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News from August 2012

Project GOAL publishes problem-solving lessons
August 1, 2012

MCPER's Project GOAL has published a set of lessons and accompanying resources that it used in group problem-solving sessions to prevent school dropout. The materials provide adolescents with strategies for recognizing and addressing common problems during the high school years. Each lesson includes a session plan, handouts that can be duplicated and used with students, and a presentation that outlines the session's agenda.

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News from June 2012

Brandy Maynard presents results of truancy meta-analysis at colloquium in Denmark
June 28, 2012

​Dr. Brandy Maynard, a MCPER postdoctoral fellow and a director of the Dropout Prevention Institute, presented the results of her systematic review and meta-analysis, “Indicated Truancy Interventions: Effects on School Attendance Among Chronic Truant Students,” at the Campbell Collaboration’s Colloquium held May 29–31 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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