News from October 2020

Project AIM is recruiting schools for 2020–2021 school year
October 2, 2020

Project AIM is seeking sixth-grade mathematics interventionists to partner in a 1-year algebra-readiness intervention study. Project AIM is designed to help struggling learners improve their mathematics achievement and reach grade-level performance.

To qualify, schools must have at least one math interventionist who teaches at least two class periods of students struggling in math. This randomized control trial study also requires comparison classes.

The Project AIM staff developed four intervention modules to improve students' mathematics performance through conceptual understanding, problem-solving ability, and self-regulation skills. Participating schools will receive all instructional materials upon completion of the study, allowing teachers to use the research-validated practices in subsequent years. In-person classes will be provided class materials. Online-based classes will be provided digital versions of materials. In addition, participating teachers will receive an $800 stipend and a half-day of professional development.

More information is available online or by contacting Principal Investigator Diane Pedrotty Bryant.

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