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Accelerating Language Acquisition for Secondary English Language Learners is an approximately 2-hour online course that provides self-paced professional development training for content area teachers in secondary classrooms. The course develops teachers’ skills and strategies for teaching academic language to facilitate the content learning of English language learners.

During this course, teachers will achieve a better understanding of the following:

  • How assessment data can inform content instruction
  • The characteristics of academic language and why it is necessary to acquire academic vocabulary and discourse for content learning
  • How to teach academic language through content instruction

Through participation in this course, teachers will learn how to do the following:

  • Select academic vocabulary to teach and apply effective strategies to teach it during a content-focused lesson
  • Integrate speaking and writing activities that enhance the quality of content instruction
  • Help students learn and use academic English in their speaking and writing about lesson content

The following table outlines the organization and goals of the lessons.

Related Institute

Published Date


Funding Source

Texas Education Agency


English Language Learners

Type of Resource

Online Course


General Education Classroom Teacher
School Administrator

Grade Level

Middle School
High School