Mathematics and Science Institute for Students With Special Needs

MSTAR Interventions

Assessment and Progress Monitoring


There are 2 forms of the Proportionality assessment, intended to serve as a pretest and posttest. The assessments are based on the lesson content and monitor students’ overall progress. The assessments include demonstration and practice sections before the test questions. The assessment procedures provide additional information as well as instructions for administering the assessments. A scoring form includes an answer key and directs teachers to lessons that may best benefit their students, based on incorrect answers.
PROP Form A 
PROP Form B  
PRO Procedures and Scoring Forms

Assessment: Motivation and Self-Regulation

By the middle grades, students with chronically low mathematics performance benefit from motivational strategies to keep them interested in learning or relearning mathematical ideas. Self-regulation, such as monitoring one’s performance, can be a powerful strategy for improving motivation for learning. Having students chart their own performance on Tier 2 mathematics activities can improve their mathematics performance.

Progress Monitoring 

The How Am I Doing? graph is included in this section for students to chart their progress on the Proportionality Independent Practice items for each lesson. Although the content of each of the lessons changes, students and teachers can quickly review the graph to determine results on Independent Practice items for each lesson. For lessons in which students solve fewer than the majority of problems correctly, teachers should analyze errors and plan further instruction to correct misunderstandings. Teachers can also discuss students’ responses to the questions on the graph to determine their perspectives about the lessons and their learning.

How Am I Doing? Graph