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This research to practice guide provides an overview of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) developed by Janette K. Klingner, PhD and Sharon Vaughn, PhD., (1996, 1998).  In CSR, students work together in small groups to apply comprehension strategies as they read text from a content area, such as social studies or science. The guide provides a) an overview of CSR steps, b) summary of the research from intervention studies to support CSR, c) step-by step instructions on how to implement each CSR component, and d) Instructions to apply CSR in peer-led cooperative learning groups. CSR has been refined and currently consists of four comprehension strategies that students apply before, during, and after reading in small cooperative groups. These reading strategies are: (a) preview (before reading), (b) click and clunk (during reading), (c) get the gist (during reading), and (d) wrap up (after reading).



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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

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April 27, 2015

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Practitioner Guide

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