Mathematics and Science Institute for Students With Special Needs

External Resources

The following resources focus on mathematics instruction and interventions for students with or at risk for learning disabilities.

Evidence-Based Interventions

From the Center on Instruction:

From the Institute of Education Sciences:

Assessment and RTI

From the Center on Instruction:

Teacher Support

From the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring:

Policy and Practice

From the National Mathematics Advisory Panel:

On March 13, 2008, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel presented its final report to the U.S. president and education secretary. That report is available online for download. The core report is 65 pages and includes a summary of the key recommendations of the panel advisors.

From the Mathematical Association of America:

During the past decade, debates have continued between mathematicians and mathematics educators. A report from the Mathematical Association of America, Reaching for Common Ground in K–12 Mathematics Education, identifies three fundamental positions upon which mathematicians and mathematics educators may be able to agree. These positions are that: 1) basic computational skills with numbers provide a crucial foundation for higher-level mathematics; 2) mathematics requires careful reasoning about precisely defined objects and concepts; and 3) students must be able to formulate and solve problems. The document is available online.

From the Center on Instruction:

Conference Materials

Downloads for the CLD and DLD conferences (username and password required)