Disability and Criminal Justice Clearinghouse

What is the purpose of this website?

This website has been developed to provide information and possible points of contact for a range of professionals who work with or have interest in youth and adults with disabilities who encounter the criminal justice system in some way. As a clearinghouse for disseminating information to interested parties, efforts will be made to identify, list, and share information related to an array of topics and issues associated with the overall purpose of this site.

Who will find this site useful?

This site will be particularly useful to professionals such as lawyers, investigators, law enforcement personnel, judges, correctional educators, teachers (public or private settings), social workers, and anyone else who has interest in this topic, or works with populations covered by this clearinghouse.

What type of information is provided?

The primary type of information that is provided is a listing of professional resources. When possible, a PDF of the actual resource will be available to download. In cases where this is not possible, complete reference information will be provided, and a link that will enable one to access this information will be offered.

The website also provides a mechanism whereby the user can contact the principal administrator of the clearinghouse to request links to professionals who might be able to provide more detailed information and expertise on specific topics.

How does one use this website?

It is possible to skim all of the entries or to scan them for a particular topic. We have also included a search function, so that you can locate topics of interest in a more efficient manner.

The database comprises a variety of resources. Most of the resources are articles that have been published in scholarly journals. However, other types of resources are also listed.

Each entry in the database includes four major domains: the authors of the resource, a brief description of the resource, the descriptors related to the resources, and age level (adolescent or adult) that best describes the focus of the resource.

For each entry, it is possible to click on the author names to retrieve more information. The page that is linked to the entry provides the following information: authors' names, brief description, citation, publication year, and either a PDF or a link to a source where the article can be obtained.

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